Exegetical Study Series becoming available

I am posting here on this site a number of Exegetical Study Series that were up on Biblesoft’s earlier Study Blog. I have already posted several Christmas season series, and have just posted my series on The Beatitudes, and am in the process of adding two others—The Law and the New Testament (Jesus and the Law), and Yeshua the Anointed.

Soon to be posted as well, in the coming weeks:
Jesus and the Gospel Tradition, The Speeches of Acts, Gnosis and the New Testament, Women in the Church, and more!

If you did not have the chance to read and study these articles previously, I encourage you to take the opportunity to do so as they become available here. I believe (and hope) that you will find them stimulating and informative.

You should also be aware that some of the series have been turned into products that work within Biblesoft’s PC Study Bible program (see, for example, The Beatitudes: A Biblesoft Study Series). Eventually, this will be done for most, if not all, of the Study Series posted on this site.

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