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I am continuing to post articles and notes which originally appeared on Biblesoft’s earlier Study Blog site, along with newly-authored content. Here is some of what you will be seeing here over the coming weeks:

  • Women in the Church (Study Series)—an objective, unbiased study on the subject of the role and position of women in the Church, based on the New Testament and early Christian evidence, with a detailed examination of all the key passages. Posting of articles and notes will be centered around Mother’s Day (May 10th).
  • “Where Did Jesus Go?” Critical Notes on the Ascension
  • The Holy Spirit in the Gospel Tradition—a series of Notes on the key passages and references to the Holy Spirit in the Gospels and the book of Acts; to be posted as Daily Notes running through Pentecost week-end.
  • The Sending of the Spirit—a three-part study series (for Pentecost, May 31st) exploring the accounts of the coming of the Spirit in the book of Acts and Gospel of John.
  • The Speeches of Acts (Study Series)—detailed articles and notes on all the sermon-speeches in the book of Acts.
  • The Law and the New Testament (Study Series)—a continuation of the series (the portion “Jesus and the Law” as already been posted); the next major set of articles and notes with examine Paul’s view of the Law.

Stay tuned for much more to come—including special series on the Gospel of John, Prophecy & Eschatology in the New Testament, a study on the Covenant-idea in ancient Israel and early Christianity, exploration of the ancient Israelite/Jewish festivals and how they shaped early Christian thought, and additional studies. This along with the regular features:

  • Saturday Series—weekly studies aimed as a introduction to the methods and issues related to Biblical Criticism
  • Sunday Studies on the Psalms—an exegetical study each Sunday on one of the Old Testament Psalms (in order)
  • Monday Notes on Prayer—exegetical and critical studies on important Scripture passages involving prayers and the topic of prayer.
  • Also the periodic special features: Ancient Parallels, Dead Sea Scrolls Spotlight, and more!

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